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If you are looking for a unique, elegant dining experience in Beckley, WV, Kimono Kin offers several options to ensure you have a memorable and satisfying meal with friends and loved ones. When entering the front doors, you are greeted with smiling faces and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The scent of fresh food from both the hibachi grills and the kitchen will entice your whole party. When seating in the dining area, you will be seated immediately, while your whole party must be present when being seating in hibachi. We offer two different dining experiences, the dining room, where your food is prepared in the kitchen and brought to your table, or the hibachi grills where your food is prepared at a grill right in front of you.

Our dining area offers a more intimate experience. You and your party are seated at a booth or table, and your meal is prepared, made to order, by chefs in the kitchen and brought to your table. If you are looking for a more exciting, unique experience, you can be seated at the hibachi grill and have your food prepared in front of you and served right at your table. Hibachi blends community and dining into a theatrical experience your whole family will be sure to remember. A single grill may seat as many as ten individuals, allowing customers to partake in traditional hibachi custom, of sharing the experience with strangers with the intent of forming new friendships and relationships. Kimono Kin has a full bar with both daily happy hour and drink specials throughout the week. Wednesdays you can relax in the dining area and listen to live music from 6 PM until 9 PM and enjoy half price draft beer as you partake in your meal. Between the hours of 11AM and 3 PM, Monday through Friday, we offer lunch prices. Each lunch entree is served with your choice of a soup or salad. During dinner and on weekends, each dinner entree is served with both soup and salad. Salads are topped with our house made ginger dressing and you get your choice of clear or miso soup.

Sitting at the sushi bar allows for a more intimate dining experience with the sushi chef. This allows a customer to engage directly with the chef and an opportunity to try new and custom sushi orders. The chef, upon your arrival, will present customers with a custom appetizer, courtesy of the house. A server will still greet you, and handle any drink or regular dining orders, as well as your sushi order, but the sushi chef, depending on the state of the business, will engage you directly. Sushi chefs may offer specialized custom orders not found on the menu.

Make sure to finish off your meal with a dessert! Kimono Kin offers 3 flavors of Japanese Mochi ice cream, green tea, red bean, and vanilla. Also offering tempura fried ice cream in the same flavors if you want a different take on a traditional dessert. Kimono Kin also offers tiramisu, fried banana cheese roll, chocolate lava cake, and cheese cake. You can sample deep fried cheese cake, deep fried banana roll, and tiramisu on our dessert sampler. Kimono Kin takes reservations 7 days a week. If you have a party of 6 to 18, you can always call ahead and our staff will be prepared to take you to your seats as you arrive. You can also call ahead and place orders to go. If you and your family want to try try something new, Kimono Kin is the place to be for an extraordinary dining experience.

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